PageSafe page not working

I’m trying to install a PageSafe page on my site.
A couple questions and problems.
Problem: after publishing, the Pagesafe page (‘Client Page’) just goes to a blank page with the loading/status bar of the browser just going nuts.
Question: How do I set this PageSafe page to lockdown/point to an OwnCloud link (


Found answer to my ‘problem’ and it’s fixed. From the doc page on PageSafe…

My Page Safe page keeps refreshing
When you add the Page Safe stack to a pre-existing page, with a filename of index.html, the Page Safe stack will change your filename of the page from index.html to index.php. This is because the Page Safe stack uses PHP code to keep your page safe. The reason the page keeps refreshing though, is because when RapidWeaver adds a new page with a new filename, it does not delete the old page with the old filename. This is an issue with RapidWeaver and not the Page Safe stack.

To fix this, you will need to get an FTP app (like Transmit or YummyFTP or anything similar) and log into your server. Find the page that has both the index.html and the index.php file and delete the index.html file.

We have heard from some people that some hosts are telling users not to delete an index.html file from their server, but we are certain that as long as you have the index.php page on the server, you are OK to delete the index.html.

Hope you have enjoyed this FAQ. Now go forth and make your websites great!

My other question still stands so if anyone can help me out in using PageSafe with an Owncloud link, I’d appreciate the input.

Not totally sure what you’re asking. Can you not just have a link on the Page Safe page? Or are you wanting the page to redirect once the user is logged in? (I’m not an Owncloud user, so excuse my ignorance around that)

Yo Jason,
I have owncloud set up on a page of mine and I’d like that page to be locked down with PageSafe. Does that clear things up?
Is this possible?

How are you bringing in the owncloud stuff??

Through my control panel. Installed within that by way of softalicious

So you are not bringing it in through RapidWeaver? If not, then you can not use PageSafe to protect that page.

Can I bring it in through RW? If not how do I create a page in RW that essentially redirects?

Joe makes a stack called Offsite, but i can not guarantee you that it will work, as sites can block people from importing their site this way. Google, Apple and many other sties do this.