(divinus) #1

Trying to link a picture to make it go to a URL but it is not working instead it comes up to this URL

what am I doing wrong?

I only want to be able to click on the picture and have it open in another page as

This is frustrating .

(scott williams) #2

Are you using the link button at the bottom of the screen? Or are you using html link or markdown? Would help if you posted a link or a screen shot of your settings for the link

(Mark Sealey) #3

Could this thread help?

(divinus) #4

Thank you the linkbox is a wonderful tool. I love the realmac forums because of people like you.

(divinus) #5

Got the linkbox app and it has been smooth sailing . Thank you :slightly_smiling:

(Mark Sealey) #6


How kind! It is a great community!

You’re very welcome. Good luck :slightly_smiling: