Need help with Advanced CSS in Cartloom stack / Hilfe bei CSS Anpassung gesucht


I would like to setup a shop for a customer with items, cart & checkout from our cartloom-account. It must be integrated into an iFrame, please check the left frame here: (stage-shop)

The source of the left frame (in dev mode) is here: (stage-source)

When clicking “Add to cart” in the stage-shop, the the cart opens with the item added correctly, but does not adjust to the size of the iframe.

Since Cartloom let the user apple “Advanced CSS” to the cart & checkout, I wonder if anybody could help me chosing the correct code in order to make the cart visible inside the left frame.

I know the whole project looks very weird, but it’s an art-project …

Is there anybody who can help me with this?

Thank you in advance and have a wonderful day!

@sushlinger, just as a reminder: it’s “diane arbus” not diane artus…

@tnittner - - jup, we’re aware of that, thank you :wink: