Need help with ecwid

Hi there,

I’m doing a website for a client and I need some CSS/HTML-Help. Anybody out there?


Are you embedding a ecwid shop into a RapidWeaver project or ?

What’s your question.

I’ve never used the ecwid platform, but as far as I recall one of the devs has developed a stacks solution to embed it into a RapidWeaver project.

You should probably just ask your question… maybe it’s simple to answer. Maybe not… :slight_smile:

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It’s not that simple.
I got the shop embedded. Everything is fine. It works but the client asked me
to bring the menue to the top right, where the shopping cart is. which I did with help from the
knowlege base inside ecwid. But for this issue I have no solution.
The ecwid support is no help, because they don’t answer for days.
So the idea came up to ask here…

This is how I moved up the cart.

That’s an awful lot of menu items in a little space!

When viewed on a computer with a larger screen it might work, but what will happen when viewed on smaller laptops or tablets or smartphones?

Where should elements (menu items) then go?

You got home - shop - blog at the top, and you want to add track orders, favourite, shopping bag and sign in + a search product field.

Doesn’t sound like a good solution. And smells of a lot of work – that won’t work very well.

Besides… you got the foundry menu at the top – and want to add menu items from the ecwid menu. That’s probably a no-go.

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In other words I’m drunk most of the time

You’re right. This is the argument which I couldn’t think of. This is the way.
Thank you very much for giving me the answer…


Hi there,
This is Lexy with the Ecwid Support team.

I am glad to know you have found the answers to your questions on the forum. If you need further assistance we are always ready to help, you can ping us a message at or get real-time support for urgent issues in the chat right in your Ecwid Control Panel.

Besides, you can find answers to frequently asked questions, how-toes and ready-made guides in our Help Center

You can also engage with other Ecwid merchants and our support team to get answers and receive feedback as well as learn best practices in our community forum.

Feel free to reach out and we will make sure you get the answers to your questions in a timely manner.



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