Need help with alignment of images in Grid Iron Stack

Hi all. New to the forums and did not find an answer after a few searches so I’m hoping you can help me. I am working on a site that uses the Grid Iron 3.3 stack for displaying a product table. I have used HTML Markup within the Excel file that is the resource for the displayed table to get the image placeholder to show up in the first column but no matter what I try, I cannot get the image to align to the middle of the cell vertically. I must stress that I am not a programmer and I do not write code. Most of my RapidWeaver sites come together quickly and easily. This is the first time I’ve run into an issue that I can’t figure out myself. Here is the link to the in progress site (long way from done). Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. If what I need to do is simply not possible, I’m open to switching to/buying a different stack to accomplish my goals.

Grid Iron is the best at what it does. You will not find anything equivalent to Grid Iron to switch over to.

It looks like the problem is the result of the CSS reset being used in your theme. It is inadvertently modifying the vertical alignment of many items on the page. Try this custom CSS code to change the alignment of table elements to ‘middle’…

p, table, caption, tbody, tfoot, thead, tr, th, td {
     vertical-align: middle !important;

Will, you are awesome. That worked perfectly. Thank you so much!

@willwood awesome!

@AstraeaMarketing yea Grid Iron supports HTML and Markdown. Unfortunately there aren’t any formatting tools. With a little CSS, however, you can really customize things. glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: