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In training video from Ben Counsell he shows how to use ecwid with stacks. But here with my website I can not find what to do to work with stacks. The window that Ben shows is different to what I can see in my account of ecwid. As I can not reach Ben maybe is here everyone who know the workflow. Here is my page where I am using Ecwid:
cheers Gunter

Ecwid supply’s you with code snippets, just use those in an html stack where you want that feature,


You need to set up your stacks page without the ECWID plugin. You then get the html snippets code from the ECWID website in your account.

Then you’ll need to the code from ECWID to an html stack/s on your stacks page.


That is the point - where can I find the snippets code in my account?
I have send this question also to support from Ecwid.

The easiest way might be to go to your Ecwid Dashboard, click on ‘Create Your Online Store’.

You’d click on Yes I have a website -? other platform
and then you’ll get all your code for the various options

Under Configuration - Design, you’ll find other ‘Appearance’ options that will update that code. I can’t remember if you have to go get the updated code and replace it in your RW project, or if that happens automatically.


my screen is different:

What plan do you use? Maybe that is it why you have that button “Create your online store”

Here ya go…

Add your store ID where noted.


<div id="my-cart-YOUR-STORE-ID-HERE"></div> <div> <script type="text/javascript" src="" charset="utf-8"></script> <!-- remove layout parameter if you want to position minicart yourself --> <script type="text/javascript"> xMinicart("layout=attachToCategories", "id=my-cart-YOUR-STORE-ID-HERE"); </script> </div>

Product Browser

<div id="my-store-YOUR_STORE_ID_HERE"></div><div> <script type="text/javascript" data-cfasync="false" src="" charset="utf-8"></script><script type="text/javascript"> xProductBrowser("categoriesPerRow=3","views=grid(20,3) list(60) table(60)","categoryView=grid","searchView=list","id=my-store-YOUR_STORE_ID_HERE");</script></div>


go to your product page —> “Buy Now” button

Copy the code


Strange. I’m just on the free plan. Not sure why yours wouldn’t show up - it’s possible that it is because of an option chosen during the initial Setup Wizard maybe?? In any case, looks like @swilliam has you covered


Hi Jason,

yes you ´re right it doesn’t matter which plan I use.
Here is a chat between Ecwid and me but I do not understand why Ecwid can not show me that button with that snippets again. My English is not so good to understand all his explanations. If you figure out what I can do that would be great.
Here is our conversation:

05:53:19) *** Alex Flint joined the chat ***
(05:53:21) Alex Flint: Hi there! Thank you for contacting Ecwid Support!
(05:53:28) Alex Flint: Can you, please, tell me, why you need the button?
(05:55:10) Gunter Schröter: This button is nessecary for I want to create websites with stacks. Stack are using inside Rapidweaver
(05:56:25) Gunter Schröter: please have a look at this video from the developer of RapidWeaver:
(05:57:21) Gunter Schröter: Here you can see how it works with ecwid.
(05:57:54) Gunter Schröter: but I can work only I have access to that button
(05:58:21) Alex Flint: Ok, let me check, please
(05:58:46) Gunter Schröter: yes thanks
(05:59:34) Alex Flint: Ok, seems like the video is outdated a bit. However, I can share you the links, where you can generate the needed codes
(05:59:57) Gunter Schröter: That sound good
(06:00:00) Alex Flint: Here is the code generator for your store
(06:00:14) Alex Flint: Here is one for search widget
(06:00:32) Alex Flint: ANd this one for the minicart —
(06:01:16) Gunter Schröter: Why is that site changed ? It was so easy to use.
(06:01:37) Gunter Schröter: Can you install it again.
(06:02:02) Gunter Schröter: with that button
(06:02:20) Alex Flint: Let me explain
(06:02:36) Alex Flint: The issue is related to the fact, that you created your Ecwid store through a site builder tool
(06:02:38) Gunter Schröter: I am listening
(06:02:53) Alex Flint: In this case it is intended that your store will be added only to this website
(06:03:05) Alex Flint: That’s why your wizard does not contain this part
(06:03:32) Gunter Schröter: can I reset this to use that button again?
(06:03:55) Alex Flint: Sorry, this button is unavailable for your type of account
(06:04:09) Alex Flint: Still, you can always generate the needed codes in the articles, that I shared with you
(06:04:33) Gunter Schröter: so have I change the plan upper? Is that what you mean?
(06:05:13) Alex Flint: The thing is that this button does not appear for all accounts created through a site builder
(06:05:19) Alex Flint: Regardless of plans
(06:05:35) Alex Flint: I will share your feedback on the topic with our product Team
(06:06:12) Gunter Schröter: Yes thanks that sounds very nice
(06:06:39) Gunter Schröter: That would be an improvement
(06:06:54) Alex Flint: Is there anything else I can help you with right now?
(06:08:04) Gunter Schröter: Now for now that is all so you will contact me again about my wish, please?
(06:08:30) Alex Flint: I’m not sure, whether this will be implemented in the nearest future — I’m sorry
(06:09:44) Gunter Schröter: Okay ? Thank you please wait a minute til I have copy the links you got me
(06:10:04) Alex Flint: Sure
(06:12:09) Gunter Schröter: Oh I see that there should be more snippets ca you send me these too for example category and …
(06:12:50) Alex Flint: Here is an article about adding a single category to a page
(06:13:29) Gunter Schröter: Where please?
(06:13:39) Alex Flint: Sorry —
(06:14:17) Gunter Schröter: thanks for helping
(06:14:45) Gunter Schröter: have a nice day to you
(06:15:01) Alex Flint: You are welcome
(06:15:03) Alex Flint: I’m going to close the chat window now. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out again. Additionally, you can rate this chat to leave us any feedback or comments regarding your experience today. Have a great day!
(06:15:06) *** Alex Flint left the chat ***
(06:20:11) *** Gunter Schröter has rated the chat Good ***
(06:20:11) *** Gunter Schröter has commented: It was a good chat except that I need a button again but it is not shown. This button was so helpful to get snippets in an easy way for I need to generate websites with stacks by RapidWeaver. Please bring that button again. Its name was “Create your online store” Hope you bring it again please that would be an improvement sure ***
(06:22:06) *** Gunter Schröter left the chat ***

Hi Scott,
are these snippets for all user identically?
cheers Gunter

Is anybody in contact with Ben Counsell.
I think he should know that his video about Ecwid is outdated a bit allthough that video generated 10 days before so Alex Flint from Ecwid said in a chat with me.

Please give that info to him.


You can tag @ben here and he will see (though, not sure what is outdated about the video. That is how it looks when I go into my Ecwid dashboard as well).

Those links are helpful though, and appear to be what Scott provided as well.

I’m not sure if this will help, but is it possible the code snippet option isn’t available if the ECWID store is still connected with the ECWID RW plugin?

Maybe disconnecting the account through the RW plugin will reveal the code snippet option?

Or maybe not.

I believe they are for any plan, I got them from the Ecwid help section

Thank you very much for all your answers and tipps!
Now I know how I can work with Ecwid in stacks.
My next step is to understand the doing with import and csv.

Ecwid says that it is not possible now. Hm.

Hi Gunter,

This is Matt from Ecwid.

Can you elaborate a bit on the csv import issue? I believe it’s still possible, so it must be some miscommunication.


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