Need stack that shows content on click of button

Looking for a stack that shows it’s content when button is clicked…

ie: Initially stack shows a button that when clicked expands to show full text.

Would Capsule do the trick?

Or this one:

Capsule would work great. How is it with older browsers? Didn’t see browser specs. Sadly, due to site content, my visitors are usually somewhat behind in browser versions. Love the stack thought!

I can’t see anything about browser specs but it mentions RW5, so presumably it is compatible with most browsers from at least three years ago. I like modal effects like Focus, however they usually seem a bit tricky on mobile.

I originally used Capsule because it allows you to close an item containing a long list of content from the bottom, whereas accordion stacks typically do not.

Thanks much for the info. Capsule looks like it may be the one…

Anyone else?

Peek-a-boo would work as well ( I’ve used Focus before and it’s pretty slick looking. I think I had an issue on mobile as well but it was easily fixed with a z-index adjustment, iirc. I’m sure there’s others as well

OK… Thanks…
I think Switcher will work too with “minimal accordion” setup. Plus it’s so much more that can be used for other needs.

There are quite a few - I like doobox’s Image Plus stack - particularly if there is a lot of content. It is designed for click on image to activate so you would have to create a button image

thanks for the note on Image Plus… I’ll check it out.