Extendable content / What stack to use?

I am looking for the stack for ‘extendable content’.
Basically, I would want to have text and maybe a photo and content to expand to full text on the page when clicked. Ideally, it would work with Stacks page.

I got YourHead Acordinon stack that came with bundle but it looks like it’s not what I am looking for.

So, shoot ideas! I am more than willing to listen =)

(Please forgive me if there is already a thred on topic, I did not know even on what name to search stack.)

Something like Switcher could fit the bill. Or maybe TogglePlus

could also be an option…

Alternatively, search the forum or the community site or Rapidweaver Central for ‘Toggle’ and ‘Accordion’


Thanks! Will check them out and also do keyword search :slight_smile:

Elixir’s Capsule Stack might be helpful. Here are examples of Capsule in action.


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