Need Substitute for "El Booko" stack

I have a animated “book” on my home page ( where I constructed various pages into a book which flips pages so people can see examples of my work. I have been using “El Booko” from (since sold to Joe Workman and plug-ins are no longer available).

Had a complete meltdown of my computer and having to retrieve ALL plug-ins from software companies. Since this isn’t made anymore, does anyone know a stack plug-in that will do the same sort of animated visualization to show my work?

Thanks for any tips

Off the top of my head are Booklit and Magazine

I’m using Booklit on a site I’m developing.

It was a rather complex configuration. Jon at 1LD went to amazing lengths to help. his suggestions and advice came quickly, were clear and easy to follow; he went into infinite detail - and got the whole thing working just as I wanted. Wonderful support!

thanks very much … will investigate both

Thanks … does it allow your “book” to flip through automatically or do you have to click on the page to move to the next? I’m hoping to get something that will flip through automatically. Couldn’t tell from the developer website whether it did that. Assume you don’t have Booklit “live” yet? Would love to see it in action on someone’s website.

There may be a setting to display each page after a certain interval; though I don’t think so. Email the developer and he’ll confirm, I’m sure.