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does anyone know how to email pre-sale questions to ?

I left a question in the disqus stream, but have not heard anything.


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We can try to tag him here @yuzool

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Sorry @garageshop it looks like the question was left 2 days ago and just back to answering those today.

A question about the Cart Stack. I am creating a form that I want the user to pay the registration fee BEFORE the form is submitted. This will not work with PayPal as the transfer to the paypal site will erase all the saved data in the form. But I am not sure about the Square option. Does this stack stay on the same page to complete the transaction?

  • Yes it does stay on the same page if Stripe. But there is still a page refresh.

  • If PayPal, no it gets directed away but you can set the redirection page so you could redirect them to a Form on your site afterwards.

  • Maybe think about the flow? Take the payment first then redirect to the form for completion “we just need a few more details to complete this order…” kind of thing?

  • Cart2 could definitely work but it’s more aimed at stores like this:
    Cart 2 | Cart 2

  • Maybe Checkout Stack would be more for this project?
    Checkout Stack | Checkout

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the help.

I had thought about getting the payment first and then re-direct to the form, I have several stacks that will handle that. Alas, I think folks are wired to transact payment at the end of the process.

I already own the checkout stack, but I need to allow users to purchase more than one registration at a time, and the hard-coded amount will not work. Alas.

I might check out Cart-2. As long as it does not reset the form (FormPro) this might do the trick.

Thanks again.

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Thanks @garageshop

  • You could do it the other way? Have the RW form redirect to the “checkout” page upon form completion, thus collecting at the end?
  • Page can say “1 of 2” and “2 of 2” so the flow is clear
  • For more than one you could put them in a pricing table with Checkout like this (depending on how many you are running):

Hope that helps!

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