New Alpha Stack | Ripple Background | FREE

Hey all here is a free Alpha Stack for you to try out.

Ripple Background uses Three.js to create a hypnotic 3D background ripple.

Learn more and get your free download on the Product Page



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Beautiful! Will it work as a single-stack background as well or does it have to be a background for s complete webpage only?

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:slight_smile: Thank you @Fuellemann.

I think Particle Panel will solve this and other need when it comes to working with Alpha Stacks as well as all GM Stacks.

I have to get back to completing a website redesign project for my next set of hours.

However, I will put Particle Panel next on the list.

I also plan to make one for the admin button that only shows up when logged into the admin Page Safe.

You can see it if you log into the Easy CMS Version of Particle Background. The Password is 1234