NEW | Particle Background | Works With Easy CMS

##Particle Background

Hi all I just released an Alpha Stack version of Particle Background.

You can find out more on the product page.

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback.




Very cool! Good work Brandon

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Will it be possible to use this stack as a bg for one stack only? I do not need a bg for my complete page, but I would need the option to place your stack on my page and other stacks inside it.

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Thanks @jabostick, stay tuned because, there is more to come!

@fuellemann, that is a great idea. I will look into constraining the are the particles cover and determin if that is a viable option. :slight_smile:

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If I click on the ‘Demo’ I get a brief glimpse of the particles lower in the page. This is then quickly replaced with an image. The background is just white and the rest of the page content is Two headerPro boxes?
Safari and Chrome.

Great to see people having a go at developing.

@ricinport, give it a look now.
It appears that the single line of HTML code has to be placed above all the content on the page.

Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s better. Just saw a white background before :wink:

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@Ruyton, Ha!
$1.99 for a blank background; now that would be cheeky. :smile:


###Particle Background + Easy CMS

Particle Background will soon be getting an update that will allow for direct configuration of over 50 settings through Easy CMS.

The update will be free to anyone who has already purchases Particle Background prior to the update.

Check out the Easy CMS Demo
#####Content )
pages for a preview as to what is to come.

The admin password is 1234.

Note: you will not be able to edit the content of the Easy CMS Demo. I will be releasing a sandbox site in the near future which will allow this.

There are a few more tasks on my todo list before I push out the update. I also will be waiting for the next update to Foundation as it included a fix that allows for the Admin UI to be possible.

As always, I welcome any feedback you may have.