New! Animated Soundcloud logo

(Juan Fernando Maguid) #1

Did a small survey a couple of weeks ago back at Weavers Space forum and asked which social icons to animate next. Soundcloud got a couple of votes and here we go:

Edit: Also added the whole icon library as .iconjar format to the .zip

(Juan Fernando Maguid) #2

Anyone using IconJar here? Thinking about also adding the IconJar lib file to this, very smooth icon handling for your Mac:

Check it in action with my animated icons here

(Mathew Mitchell) #3

Yep, I definitely use IconJar. I know there are others also as it was a Weaver who originally suggested IconJar to me.

(Juan Fernando Maguid) #4

Awesome then it fits nicely into all of this…

Boom added it to the .zip :blush:

(Mathew Mitchell) #5

Nice! Many thanks. I look forward to seeing how the set gets expanded in the future.

(system) #6

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