New - Avatar Quotes stack πŸ’­

(Wondrous) #1

New stack - Avatar Quotes!
A quote with an avatar, indicating the author and resource.

(Rob Beattie) #2

Really nice looking little stack!

(Michael) #3

Very nice addition! Thanks. Gives customer comments published on your website a very nice finishing touch. Nice work!

(r) #4

Hi, is there a way to add more padding between the avatar/author’s name and the quote when you don’t use the backdrop color option. the name crashes into the bottom border, thanks!

(Wondrous) #5

This was not planned at all. But I’ll think about it.

(Wondrous) #6

Version 1.0.1:
Padding is now applied to the quote itself (text). Not afraid if something moved, just edit the padding.
Added background image.

Added arrow to the bottom of the quote.

Added inner shadow for avatars (size changes).

If you make a transparent background for the Author and the Source, then you can slightly adjust the position.

(r) #7

Nice update, thank you