New 'Back To Top' Stack

Back To Top is different from other ‘click and scroll you back to the the top’ button stacks already available. First and foremost, Back To Top lets you precisely style just about every aspect of the button position and design. Secondly this stack gives you the option to view the generated source code for your button; so you can easily copy and paste this into non-Stack page types to replicate the display of identical buttons elsewhere on your website.


Settings are split into two main groups. The General Settings let you adjust all the vital basics; like the placement, positioning, spacing, z-index layering and the point at which the button fades into view when the page is scrolled. The Styling settings provide simple input fields, select boxes and colour pickers for you to modify just about every aspect of the button design.

This is a screenshot of the settings available in version 1 (click to expand):

No complicated code to configuration is required. Back To Top requires a minimum of Stacks 3.5. It can be setup as a Partial, so you can reuse the same stack and settings on multiple pages of your website.

As always, hovering your mouse cursor over the settings displays an informational tooltip about what each setting does, together with some tidbits of other useful information. Back To Top is incredibly simple to use. Download and try the free demo version for yourself!

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I love when a developer builds something based on my personal requests!
Thanks, @willwood . Instant purchase.

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