Consolidate CSS files and back to top button

RW7.2.1 (Sierra 10.12.2)

I have ticked/selected Consolidate CSS files. I’m told I must to do that to ensure a back to top button on the theme will work. However, the back to top button still doesn’t work on either my imac or ipad or android on a samsung galaxy. The theme developer says it works for them so could this be a browser issue? Any. suggestions?

Page link here:

Which theme are you using?

Also, the link in the “back to top” button is set to go to #pageWrapper. That could be the problem; the link isn’t set to go to the top of the page.

I’m no expert, so I could be wrong.

I am using a theme that a developer has customised to my specification.

Would you or anyone know of a back to top or back to wherever stack that I could use instead?

You might find this useful, but I’m quite sure it’s just a setting in your current setup that’s not right.

There’s also a forum post about some stacks that you might find useful.

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Very helpful, thank you