When i place a new stack, my project go always to the top

Hello, when i place a new stack, my project go always to the top and i must scrolling again to the place where i was working. Is here a solution? Also when i move a stack to a other place, i started again on the top.
Best Regards, Ribse

Same here, very anoying. But known issue and as far as I know no solution yet

It helps if you hide stacks you are not working on.

Check this out…

Hi guys,

This is a pretty common question. So I’ve added an answer here, with lots of details and step-by-step instructions. Feel free to add your own comments/questions: http://cafe.yourhead.com/?qa=153/why-does-stacks-scroll-to-the-top-of-the-page-when-make-changes21

tl;dr: Something on the page is killing the HTML rendering. It’s usually styled text, but HTML/CSS are possibilities too. Use divide and conquer to hunt down he culprit. Fix/Remove it from the page.



Another thing worth checking… if you are using an external font source like, say, google fonts and you have mistakenly requested a font weight that does not actually exist it will behave in a similar manner I.e. Scroll back to the top all the time. Got bitten by that myself,

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