Reveal item on scroll to stack

Hi Folks,

I know there’s a stack for this - but I’m drawing a blank. I want to reveal an item when the user scrolls to a certain stack of content on the page - e.g when they scroll to Section A, a button appears on the left. Any ideas

Thanks in advance.


Might take a look at call to action from joe workman


Thanks for this suggestion - as far as I’m aware, though, you have to pick a predefined element from a pre-defined list of stacks, whereas I want to be able to populate with my own choice of stack…

I’m not sure if this is what you’re going for, but you could try Scroll Mate by Big White Duck, and have your button appear from off-screen when a user scrolls to a specific point.

Thanks - that looks useful - I’ll give it a go.


There are some good examples of Scrollmate on this project file if you want to see it in action: