[New] Clipboard Suite of Stacks

Hi Everyone,

Today I introduce you to the Clipboard Suite of Stacks.

Consisting of Clipboard, Clipboard Lite, and Clipboard Code, these stacks are great for educational sites, support sites or knowledgebases, allowing your website visitors to easily copy snippets of text or code from your webpage to the clipboard.


  • Fully customisable copy-to-clipboard button
  • Fully customisable tooltips, including translatable text
  • Copy markdown, styled text, lists, table items, and codeblocks
  • Codebock comes with 85 themes and 190 languages built-in
  • Dark Mode Ready

Check it out…


Instant buy :slight_smile:


I really like the idea. The challenge I have is familiarity. The icon is just not going to be understood intuitively. I knew what function I was looking for but still wasn’t sure until I touched the button. Perhaps add the word copy like the code section and it might work better. Perhaps this is already an option and just not used on the examples given.

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