Problem with Rapidweaver 6 Copy/Duplicate Stack Command

Hi All,

I’m rather new to Rapidweaver 6 and am slowly coming up to speed with how to use it. However, I seem to be having a problem with what should be a simple task. I want to duplicate or copy different stacks (using Stacks 3) within a page. My understanding was that I could select the stack in question then either use CMD-C and CMD-V or I could select the stack, hold the CMD key down and drag. Neither seem to work at all. Am I missing something? (BTW the copy and paste commands work fine with text within a stack).


@plidgett, the stack has to be active (highlighted blue) for command-c and command v to work, and it’s option drag not command drag for duplicating



Thanks, that sorted things out for me. The copy/paste option was definitely not working earlier today, even with the stack selected, but is now, so its possible something just screwed up when I was trying to do that. I had got things mixed up though with the CMD and Option key so now straightened out.


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Awesome glad to hear it :slight_smile:

I always use the option drag to copy. Sometimes the paste (CMD-V) has a mind of its own as to where it puts your content. that may have been what was giving a problem.