New computer - didn't migrate properly

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I have moved to a new computer and have not moved across my files correctly. Got carried away with the new computer and thought it would all open fine by moving the program and files across. Hmm… silly me!!
I can open Rapidweaver but when I open the website it is not loading stacks or the theme I had purchased.
Is there a way to sort this without having access to the old machine.

Thank you,

Emma :slight_smile:

You could go to the developer’s sites and see if they have a order lookup page. If you bought any of Joe’s stacks his page is here:
Which can be found on our support page as well.

I am sure most of the other developers have a similar pages on their sites, but all might not.

Good luck!

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General tip… (too late to address this problem but as info only…) When moving to a new computer use “Migration Assistant” located in your Utilities folder. It’s not perfect but it’s better than trying to manually move everything. (Or perhaps you did?)

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Agree with Greg (@1611mac),
I’ve used migration assistant a number of times (from time machine) and other than a few software license keys that had to be reentered it worked perfectly.

Of course… when moving to a new machine it’s also a good think to find the latest/greatest Apple KB article on the subject…

emja… do you no longer have access to the old Mac? Did you have a Time Machine backup? (or other) There is a separate folder with all your add-ons. Did you copy it over?

Thanks everyone. I thought it was to late to do anything now.

Didn’t copy anything over and didn’t use Time machine!!! I used iCloud to move all my other programs and files but for some reason forgot this!

I have managed to retrieve some from the original download links but struggling with some. I have contacted the makers so fingers crossed.

Lesson learnt for the future!

If you are using RW 7 your add-ons will be here:
(user) Library > Containers > com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver > Data > Library > Application Support > Rapidweaver

If you still have access to your old files you can grab everything from there.


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