How to download RW onto new computer

How do I download RW onto my new computer?

Just download the version you have and enter your key

As info only if you have not already moved your data:
You can use “Migration Assistant” in Mac Utilitites to move all your files from old Mac to New. It’s not perfect but it works rather well and it takes into account some things invisible to you (hidden files and such.)

I can’t find where on the RW website to do that.

Just click on the link Doug provided. Will lead you here.

Thank you!

I started to use Migration Assistant but it seemed like it was going to transfer everything
and I don’t want everything on the new laptop, so I cancelled the action.

I’m clicking but it’s not taking me anywhere.

Click the link from my post above(not Thomas’s screenshot). Here it is again:

Keep in mind that this will only install RapidWeaver, and not any of the addons (plugins and stacks) or projects.