How to download RW onto new computer

How do I download RW onto my new computer?

Just download the version you have and enter your key

As info only if you have not already moved your data:
You can use “Migration Assistant” in Mac Utilitites to move all your files from old Mac to New. It’s not perfect but it works rather well and it takes into account some things invisible to you (hidden files and such.)

I can’t find where on the RW website to do that.

Just click on the link Doug provided. Will lead you here.

Thank you!

I started to use Migration Assistant but it seemed like it was going to transfer everything
and I don’t want everything on the new laptop, so I cancelled the action.

I’m clicking but it’s not taking me anywhere.

Click the link from my post above(not Thomas’s screenshot). Here it is again:

Keep in mind that this will only install RapidWeaver, and not any of the addons (plugins and stacks) or projects.

Thank you. I was able to install it. Now, for the stacks. Do I have to look on my old laptop to figure out the stacks I have and then go download each one?

Go to the addons manager in RW8 on the old computer. at the bottom, you can choose options to either change the location of the addons folder and copy it manually or export the addons folder.

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I would not recommend using the built in Export Addons Directory to migrate to a new computer. This feature is extremely buggy – or, well, maybe “limited” is a better word. It will miss a lot of info and mangle the rest.

It’s always best, when migrating, just to do it by hand. You’ll get everything moved over and it’s not too hard

  1. open RapidWeaver and click the Addons toolbar button (it looks like a plug)
  2. click the Reveal in Finder button
  3. compress the whole addons folder (Ctrl-Click and choose Compress from the popup menu). this might take a while if you have a lot of addons.
  4. copy that the resulting zip file over to the new computer with a thumb-drive – or any other way, but be warned this might be a big file.
  5. open the same folder on the new computer (steps 1 and 2, but on the new Mac)
  6. unzip the compressed files – just double click the zip file
  7. drag the contents into the folder, replacing any that are currently there.
  8. compare the old folder and the new one. they should look identical now. they should have all the same things in the same places.

Always restart RapidWeaver after installing add-ons.

BTW: just so this is constructive criticism, I’ve filed a bug report with RMS about the problems with this feature.
I’ll also flag @dan and @tpbradley here too: Hey guys, this is a pretty big issue, because helpful folks like @teefers and RMS support often suggest using the export button – but it has limitations, sometimes picks wrong versions, disables enabled things, misses a bunch of files (snippets, devstacks, stacks library groups, collage themes, etc.) and just generally makes a mess of things.

I did steps 1 & 2. I did step 3 but there was no Compress option. Just a list of folders.

Try right-clicking the folder. You should see a list of options. One of those should be compress.

You can also just copy the entire folder without compressing it.

Ok, I was able to copy all of the things in the Addons folder to a jump drive. Now where on the new Mac do I put it?

In the addons manager (new Mac) you can choose the location, or use the default.

I create my location just a folder called RapidweaverAddons it’s just a folder in my Root user account. You can place it any place you want and then point RW to it. The default locations is kind-of hard to find (inside the library folder).

If you want to use the default, then just hit the reveal in Finder button to locate it. You will need to reenter serial numbers for most plugins.

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  1. where is the addons manager
  2. which folder is my Root user account?
  3. How do I point RW to it?

Can’t believe how complicated this is :frowning:

Thank you so much for helping me.

BTW. I downloaded RW onto the new Mac. It’s on my dock, but doesn’t show up under applications. Did I do something wrong when I downloaded it?

In RW8 there should be a button in the toolbar for addon the addons manager. You can also find it as a tab in preferences.

That’s the folder with your user name in finder. You can also find it under the users folder. It’s the parent directory for your documents folder. You can place the addons folder anyplace you like though.

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