Getting a new mac need to transfer

I want to upgrade my RW and get a new mac. How hard is it to transfer every thing ?



What version of RW do you have? What version of Stacks?

The problems generally arise when people have used images and other asset type files from all over their hard drive as resources or direct drag and drop in their project file. These often get left behind during a data transfer (NO fault of RapidWeaver®).

So, it’s not as simple as just copying a folder or two over to the new Mac. Time Machine can be your friend here, just be sure that you don’t connect the new mac and then tell it to use the same time machine source as a new location or your data will be over-written.

Hope that’s a starting point anyway


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I just used the Migration Assistant when I got my new Mac, everything copied over fine. I used Time Machine on my old Mac just before the migration in case anything went amiss but there were no problems at all. I was running RW6 at the time, I think.


Just moved onto a new MacBook Pro. Used Migration Assistant to transfer old system. Now RW7 opens but doesn’t allow me to do anything (or select an old project file). Also can’t quit the application (need to Force Quit). All stacks etc. are sitting in Dropbox. Re-downloaded and overwrote old file. Problem still there. Would appreciate any help? Attached screen grab of opening window.

Not sure why you added this to a post over two years old.

Not really sure what you mean. A screenshot of what you get might be more helpful.
Having the addons on Dropbox should be okay, if you setup the new Mac to use them from that location. Might check that.
Might want to review this video and make sure you have it set correctly

You may want to try to reset the addon location, it might be that Dropbox looks okay in finder, but the internal actual address that RapidWeaver uses has changed. That’s just a guess on my part, but it’s something to try.

Thanks Doug. Couldn’t find a thread elsewhere.

The problem is that I can’t do anything at all. RW7 opens to a Finder window. Under the RW menu nothings shows at all - not even the Quit option.

Sorry Quit option shows but does nothing.

You can always start a new topic, often bringing old topics back to life can just clutter things up as software gets updated and environments are different. No big problem, in fact now new topics get closed when no new comments.

Back to the problem.

High Sierra on the new Mac?
If so might have a look at this post:

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Hi Doug,

Thank you so much.

The Fix #2 is the one that worked.

Really appreciate your input.



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