New: DoNotPublish Stack

Today I introduce a stack I made for myself and use a lot when making sites and developing stacks. I finally found the time to turn it into a ‘real’ stack (with auto-update, proper icons, etc.), so now I feel comfortable sharing it with you.

The DoNotPublish Stack will show any content inside it in Edit mode and Preview mode in RapidWeaver, and in a browser when choosing File > Preview in…, but it will not show when you export or publish the page.

This is really useful when you are working on several places at the same time in one RapidWeaver file, but do not want some things to be published yet. This stack is also really handy to create reminders on the page for things you should not forget.

This stack is pay-what-you-want, so you can decide yourself how much this stack is worth to. When you downloaded it for free and use it in a commercial project, a small donation will be appreciated.

More information (but no demo this time!) on the product page.

Hope you like it!

Marathia Web Design

P.S. I am preparing more small, handy stacks like this for introduction soon. If you don’t want to miss them, do consider subscribing to my newsletter.


This sounds like a must have for developers and prevents the issue of just hiding content on a site but still uploading it (Bandwidth saving).

Thank you for making it @el_mourabbi!


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Another must-have stack for the tool box and at €3 an instant purchase for me.

You produce some great stacks mourabbi at very reasonable prices too. Keep up the good work.