2 new stacks and Source 2.2

Hi All -

A couple of noteworthy new things to share…

Source 2.2 is out now

Source 2.2 has just been pushed out and includes quite a few nice additions / improvements. Main things are some improvements to Accessibility. I have written a blog post with some detail about these: https://source.shakingthehabitual.com/source-blog/

Also in 2.2 is support for a new (and separate from Source) Animation stack that is now available - details below.

Read full release notes.

2 new stacks

I have just launched 2 brand new stacks. I am currently terming these Source ‘companion’ stacks as they are not part of Source / Source Addons but are designed to work with Source (although they will work in any framework).

FAQ Toggle stack

I know there are a lot of FAQ / Toggle stacks out there already but I have never found one that does exactly what I wanted. It’s pretty simple but I think it does its one thing really well.

See it in action

Animate stack

This stack allows for some nice, simple animations to be added to a web page. There are 11 different effects to choose from. As of version 2.2 of Source there is direct support for these animations built into the Grid and Container stacks. There is also a dropzone stack that lets you animate in any stack content that you drop into it.

See it in action

If these tickle your fancy then you can get 30% off each with the code source-comp30 (valid until the end of January). You get the demo web pages (built using only the free Source stacks) with the download.

NOTE: The FAQ Toggle stack will be available for FREE with Webdeersign’s next Source project. It’s due out very soon so you may want to hold off for that :wink:



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