New Fav icons feature — Feedback Required

@simon is just implementing this new favicon feature, we think it covers most of the popular favicon settings people would want/need.

We’d love to hear form you guys, is this enough? Ae we missing anything important? Feedback and suggestions (or questions) appreciated.


Maybe an option where the end user is able to just upload one image, and you perform the resize of the other ones? (Didn’t tested, maybe you do this already).

I know some users might have formats for all sizes created by themselves, maybe majority would just use one image.

Why have a dropzone for everyone? What if I just dropped in one icon and it generated all of them for me. Seems like a better way to go in my opinion…

Do those classic favicon dropzones now accept a png? or still looking for ico files?

Overall, it seems long-winded, and I’d agree that dropping a single png, and having RW produce every required file from that image is the way forward.

i’ll come out on the side or RMS and the current design. I think it’s trying to mimic how Xcode works.

It is nice to be able to use slightly different images for the different sizes. Especially when you get down to the very small sizes. often hand editing a few pixels can really make or break an icon.

But I think the choir of voices saying “make it simpler” have a point too.

Seems like RW is a mature enough tool with a wide base of users that “Both” is often the right answer.

IOW: i’d maybe show just one image by default, then add an “Advanced” or “More” toggle to reveal the rest of the image wells.

In any case: good feature. i think it’ll be well received.

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Good feedback, thanks ya’ll.

I personally like the control, and will draw a specific icon for each size. However, I understand most users will want it done automatically.

So, we are looking at a way to auto-generate the icons, we may prompt the user when they add the first large iPad sized image or add a button to choose an image and do it automagically.


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Yup, png will be expected also.

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