Favicons & RW support

Just listened to podcast 33, where your talking about favcons. You seem to be inferring that users can use png, gif, or ico files for the favicon. While that is true for nearly every modern browser, it will not offer complete browser support. And more to the point, RW does not accept anything but ico files for the favicon, automatically producing the correct code in the head for complete browser support using an ico file. Which I think is still the right thing to do for some time to come.

If you do want to follow that up, then you may also want to point out that 32px is really to small for a favicon.ico file. The icon is used in various places by all the different browsers at many different sizes, up-to 310px. The only way to achieve this is to use an app or online generator that can create a single ico file with all the needed sizes embedded within. e.g. : http://www.favicomatic.com

Even better, and a feature request… Have RW accept a png in the favion drop zone, and have RW produce the ico file with all the needed sizes embedded within on the fly :slight_smile:

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