New Flickr URL's not working with Ultimate Gallery

Hello. I’ve been using the Ultimate Gallery stack to link with Flickr in my website. I added a few new albums to my site last night, but none of the new albums I created in Flickr are working in the stack. It just gives the error “Invalid Flickr URL specified”. All of my older Albums are still working, and if I change one of the old ones to a new album it stops working. As soon as I change it back to an old album then it starts working again. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

The website:
The album “Myra Canyon Trestle Cycling” is one of the albums that’s not working.
The albums “Harold’s 90th” and older are working.

Sorry to say, the creator of that set of stacks has been MIA for over 2 years, no support replies, no twitter replies, nothing. Sorry to say, you are probably out of luck getting it to work again.

Thanks. I’m aware of that situation. But how come it still works with older Flickr albums?

Probably the older Flickr albums still work with the old flickr URLs, and the stack has not been updated to work with the new URLs.

Great. So some time in the last couple of months the Flickr URL changed for new albums?
I guess I have to find something else again. Can anyone recommend a good Flickr Gallery that has a good chance of not being abandoned?

Try WeaverPix


Thanks but that’s not a stack.

It might not be a stack but it’s easy to import into a stacks page.

Apologies, I might be way off the mark, but wasn’t there a ‘fixed’ version of the Ultimate Gallery Flickr stack floating around that contained the new URL? Seem to recall it being mentioned on the old forums here and there… I’ll have a dig around.

I have the “fixed” version from awhile back. Most of my galleries still work, it’s just the new ones that I added yesterday do not.

What really gets me is the website is still up and running and you can buy this stack, but Flickr won’t work at all.

I’ve spent some time searching, there is no other viable alternative. My only options have all been abandoned. The stacks I have found don’t work with Flickr albums, only the photo streams.

From memory (I’m at a PC) Yuzool’s Flickrgram stack works with albums.

I have sent you a private message.

Thanks Kryten for all your hard work. I sent you an email. To everyone else, I will test and when ready Kryten has offered to post the altered stack.

Kryten has graciously looked into this issue and offered a revised stack. I have tested it and can confirm it works on my site:

If you need this revised stack, please send him a private message!

hi @jabohn

WeaverPix might help (as someone else previously suggested. @willwood even made an Ultimate Gallery theme


Hello, as stated further up in the thread, I’m looking for a Stack and not a plugin. It’s moot anyway with Krypton’s help.