Flickr gallery stacks that actually work?

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As Flickr is soon to drastically cut the storage of its free accounts, those with many photos have been forced to upgrade to a Pro account. So I’m in for the long haul, yet still looking for a stack to display Flickr albums/collections in RW. Several stack vendor’s offers appear to have not been updated, and do not even work on their own demo pages.

@barz-stacks Flickr Stack, seems to be single image only in any case – demos not working:

@joeworkman / Weaverspace Flickr Slideshow – appears not be supported any more, demo page does not work

@yuzool Flickrgram likewise seems to have vanished.

Is Weavers Kingdom’s Slider Flickr, the only option (at €15) ?
If so, could folks using it share more examples of it in use?

Or is there another way to display Flickr albums in another gallery stack?

many thanks!

I’ve got Slider Flickr. Seems to just work on ‘Sets’ whatever they are (I don’t use Flickr) if you’ve got a set and can message me the ID - looks like a long number - I’d be happy to chuck it up on a page somewhere so you can see it with your own images.

Seems to have some decent options - show/hide carousel thumbs, lightbox, display captions, etc.


I think part of the issue is that there is a diminished appetite to bother with Flickr because they change their API and usage conditions every 25 minutes.

Makes maintaining a stack a real pain in the posterior. Even if the dev does update the stack every time Flickr changes their API you will still get ppl who have not updated to the latest version posting publicly about how xxxx vendor stack doesn’t work and despite sending 309 support requests in the last 4 hours the dev has not replied so the support is rotten. No thanks.

Setting up and managing your own custom Flickr integration might be the way to go, that way you have complete control - and accountability.

Just my $00.02


Full ack. Therefore I didn’t looked into Flickr.

thanks Rob!, indeed yes this stack seemed like the only one on offer currently working, I’d be keen to hear from Flickr user folks with good experience of how it works before migrating hundreds of pages!

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Yeah, @klaatu I came to the same conclusion. I’m not a stack developer either…

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I have not had a Flickr stack in many years. Have a look at WeaverPix from @barchard

many thanks @joeworkman I thought so, yet this broken page is still coming up on all the relevant searches :wink:

@barchard would be very curious to know about Flickr integration, nothing mentioned here…

Where are you finding this page? Searches from where?

I am searching google for: flickr stack rapidweaver
The top result is yours:

I click your product page, which goes to the broken:

Thank you for the info. I will need to have a look at it.

Thanks. I will get that removed…

How about exporting your photos and use Behance or something similar?

Maybe not what you want to do…but just asking.

…because I believe that Gallery3 from InStacks works with Behance…am I right @instacks Jannis?


Yes, Behance and iCloud Photo album.

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@klaatu is bang on here - it’s a pain working with 3rd party apis that operate like Flickr and not really worth the hassle to be honest.

That said, @Nancarrow1 - mines is still going:

Although it is quite old now…

I briefly had Flickr support in ProGallery several months ago, using their new API.

But it was a horrible, horrible buggy mess. Sometimes it worked, other times it failed without reason. Most of the time it was painfully slow to load any pictures. It fell far below my expectations and therefore I never included it in the last public ProGallery update.

Echoing what others have said here, if you want to do the job properly, you are better doing it yourself! Cut Flickr out of the equation and remove the risk of things breaking. These APIs are very volatile and you are at the mercy of the parent company making knee-jerk changes.

Instagram is a prime example of another company that has totally trashed their developer API and ruined a great many integrations.

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