Ultimate Gallery Stack

I’ve purchased, downloaded, and installed the Ultimate Gallery Stack from Weaveraddons but I’m not finding it in my stacks list. I’m on RW 6.2.3, Stacks 2 and my Mac is up to date.

Is this stack compatible with RW 6? I looked at the website and it doesn’t specify. If so is there a way to manually install the stack?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

The developer for this stack has been MIA for a very very long time. I recommend that you ask for your money back from PayPal. There are many issues with it. Although some things may still work.

I recommend anyone contemplating purchasing this product, no to.

Thanks Joe. I’ve requested a PayPal refund and hopefully this will stop anyone else from making the same mistake.

So now I need suggestions for a photo gallery that will pull the images from a warehoused group of photos and generate the thumbnails for me.

I have a couple of hundred images I want to put in a gallery but I’m not patient enough to add them all manually and I don’t need any captions for each image. Ideally the stack or add on will be responsive also. I’m using the Freestack Responsive theme.


@VictorStar: In you case the easiest solution may be to upload those 100 images to Flickr and make sure they are in the same gallery or set (or whatever it is called). Then there are several options open to you.

My personal favorite right now is Flickr Gallery by RapidIdeas. More here:

The stack is only $5, loads quickly on the published page (though with 100 images it will still take a few seconds), and offers 4 different layout options.

If that doesn’t work for you then there are several other Flickr based stacks.

Another option may be to use the WeaverPix plugin.

Thanks Mathew. I was initially looking at Flickr Gallery and thought it would be a good solution. I think the 100 image limit was the reason I kept looking for a different stack. Appreciate the input.

Is there a stated 100 image limit? I just tried with 128 images and it worked fine. In fact, I added another gallery to the same page with 256 images, and both galleries load just fine. (Well, keep in mind with sizes this big it does take a number of seconds for all the thumbnails to appear.)

I would not suggest really big galleries as it takes a while to appear and use on a page. But … you can use multiple Flickr Galleries on a page. So if your images were in sets of 30, and you had clearly named headers in-between (so users knew to start with a new set of images) then I think things would work quite nicely even with 120 or so total. It would take some experimentation, but it all seems doable.

ThemeFlood (Will Woodgate) has released the “UltimateGallery” addition (https://themeflood.com/weaverpix/) for the brilliant WeaverPix plugin from Chillidog Software: https://www.chillidogsoftware.com/chillidog-software-rapidweaver-plugins/weaverpix-rapidweaver-plugin/
This should cover most things you’d expect from the Ultimate Gallery Stack from Weaveraddons which you bought…

Best, Matthias

Thanks again for the suggestions.

@VictorStar Here you can put your pictures into a FTP folder and display them dynamically, maybe this would help: http://instacks.com/photostreamstack

This site it dead, no support no stacks anymore.

The homepage still works:

I think the idea is for people to go back to the website once a month to download the showcased theme and stack. If they find it of any use, then they can make a donation through PayPal. Only a single theme and stack are shown at any one time. It changes each month.

Of note, the website does say that support is no longer available and a few people in the comments section have stated the Flickr stack is no longer functioning. Presumably this is a result of the API changes Flickr has made in recent months.

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You’re right it is not death but the solutions with flickr they had has disappeared so it does not help anymore to the questions where they are linked to.