Problems getting flickr stacks to work

(Thore Rytter Klitgaard) #1

I’ve finally started the great overhaul of my website - - as nothing has happened there in about 4 years.

It’s mainly supposed to be a portfolio for my photos, which are on flickr. Therefore I’ve been trying to set up some different flickr stacks - but hasn’t really succeeded.

I want to use the XXL2-r Flickr theme by, which works fine so far linked to Flickr.

Stacks and problems are:
Flickrgram (flickrcms1) by yuzoolthemes - this one is really good looking, but I’m only getting a spinning wheel, as it doesn’t come up with any pics. See


Ultimate Flickr by weaveraddons - this works fine with my old picasa pics - see - but isn’t hooking up with the flickr pics - see! Nothing happens at all.

Then there is the Flickr Montage by Doobox, which is really great and works fine -, but only gives me the possibility to show 20 pics at a time, and some of my sets are bigger than that. A workaround could be splitting my sets, and add several flickr montage stacks to each page, as I’ve done on the link above - but then you can’t go through all of them when they are lightbox’ed!

And finally I’ve read older threads suggesting Rapid Ideas’ Flickr Gallery, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Is this extinct?

Any one got any advice getting the above to work?


(Stuart) #2



In the stack settings for the Flikrgram stack change the setting named ‘lightbox size’ to ORIGINAL and you will be good to go :smiley:

Enjoy the stack.

(Thore Rytter Klitgaard) #3

Beautiful, Stuart! Thanks a lot.

Sometimes one apparently can’t see the forest, you now:wink: