New FREE Twitter stack

(Doobox Software) #1

Hi guy’s,

Well Twitter has been messing with their API yet again. But for a change this seems like a good thing. Their new widget API requires no authentication what so ever, and the results of the output are very pleasing to the eye indeed.

It is very easy to implement one of their new widgets in your website to produce a feed of your latest Tweets, but I have made it even easier for you with this stack. At most, all you need to do is enter your Twitter name, and it’s good to go. You also have options to style the results built in.

You can download the free “Twitter Widget” stack here.

(Doobox Software) #2

Here is an example of the stack in action :

(Jason Bostick) #3

The only thing surpassing your stacks are their icons/logos.

(Rob Beattie) #4

Brilliant @Doobox. Many thanks.

(Jamie) #5

This is a cool stack downloaded it and have been testing it. Free as well a bonus!

(Chet) #6

If you want more options, from the same great team, I like the TweeCool stack.

(Bruce Bressack) #7

Thank you Doobox!!! Great app!!!

(Brad Miller) #8

What happened to the Twitter Widget stack?
It is no longer on the DooBox website which implies that it has a pretty short lifespan.

(Chet) #9

It looks like he’s added it as a special bonus for his everything bundle.

These freebies pop up from time to time on the Forums, but you’ve got to be fast to grab them!

(Brad Miller) #10

Thanks @chet.
I was hoping for a little direction on how this stack is intended to be used. But alas, no info page on the DooBox site.

(Doobox Software) #11

@firedude2894 In the stacks settings, enter your Twitter username. That’s it your good to go. You can see it in action here now :

(Ron Belisle) #12

I’ve clicked about 4 links and can’t figure out how to download this stack.

(Jason Bostick) #13

It appears to only be part of the ‘Mega Deal’ bundle (scroll down about halfway)

(Doobox Software) #14

That is correct. It’s a nice little stack, and now an incentive for new customers. If you missed this thread a few months ago when it was freely available, I am afraid you missed on the stack unless your in the market for our bundle deal.

(Chet) #15

Just a HT to the @Doobox team. I picked up a the bundle a few months ago and it’s really awesome. Every stack works exactly as intended and Gary is very generous with his support. You won’t be disappointed.

( #16

Don’t hesitate to purchase the bundle. I mainly purchase my stacks from @DooBox because their products are ridiculously easy to use and the support is always 5 star. Doesn’t get much better than that!


Very grateful for Twitter Widget stack. It’s great!

(Brad Miller) #18

Thanks Gary
This is helpful. Also, I was not sure at first if this stack was for sharing tweets or displaying them. I see that it is the latter.

(Wondrous) #19

Gary, this stack is no longer to download? It is only included with the bundle?

(Doobox Software) #20

@Wondrous Yes it is an incentive to the mega deal bundle now :