New "Little Mouse" stack from Doobox

Hi there,

We just added the latest stack to our store “Little Mouse”. The stack revolves around the concept of a “mouse” being what we call the clickable link, and “cheese”, what we call the target in the page that the page scrolls to when the “mouse” is clicked. There is actually a default option to display the “mouse” as a… well… mouse. But there is also an option to turn off the mouse icon and just use a text link as the “mouse”.

You can get more info and see a demo of Little Mouse in action here.


This is a great little stack! Love it!

One of our customers contacted us earlier with a question…
“Can you link to a piece of cheese on another page?”

My answer was so nearly “no sorry”. But guess what… Now you can.

Check for updates now for version 1.0.2 with this feature added.
The concept is quite simple. You create a link anywhere, in any other page on the web. If you’d normally add this as the url to link to the page :

Now just add Little mouse’s cheese hunting parameter to the end of the URL like this :

Where the number 1 is the Mouse ID of the piece of cheese I want that page to scroll to on arrival.
So now when the user follows your link, they arrive at the page and it scrolls right down to the location on the page you placed that cheese :slight_smile:

I have added a section to the demo page if you need to reference it (check that out).