'Scroll To' stack by Tsooj Media

I have been using this fantastic stack for the last couple of years and it has performed superbly until some recent updates to Rapidweaver—which seem to have disabled it.

Does anyone know what has happened and how I can fix it?

Failing this, can anyone suggest an alternative that enables a link to scroll directly to a predetermined point on the page?

Thank you!

Little mouse by Doobox might do the trick. https://www.doobox.co.uk/stacks_store/demos/littlemouse.html

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Hi Keith,

What do you mean by “disabled”? What error message are you seeing in RapidWeaver or your browser console?

The ScrollTo v2 stacks work perfectly well for myself and others, including the latest RW and Stacks betas.

Your closest alternative for the same price would be the AnchorPoint stack:

Many thanks Will, I am not seeing any error messages as such… its just that the ‘ScrollTo’ link simply does not work—on any of the pages. It was working perfectly until a few weeks ago. Thanks for your suggestion to try AnchorPoint (although I would, obviously, much fix ScrollTo!)
(FYI: http://www.lucasbrand.com)

Many thanks Neil, if ScrollTo cannot be repaired I will check it out.

Hi Keith,

You have no ScrollTo stack in the webpage link you have provided us with. This is the list of stacks you are using in that page:

There is no ‘ScrollTo’ stack listed there. That is why the effect is missing from your webpage.

The stack has not become disabled, as you suggested earlier. Instead you must have accidently deleted the stack without realising it. Then published those changes. Perhaps only noticing this for the first time today.

I would imagine that like most stacks, the ScrollTo stack has to be kept in the page, all the time you want the effect present.

Many thanks for your help Will. Actually, the ‘ScrollTo’ stacks were still on each page (and editable) in Rapidweaver. I discovered, though, that the ‘ScrollTo’ Enclosure elements on each page were not being recognised. By deleting them, then re-adding them, it has now started working again! Thanks again for your help.

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