New Magnifico Stack - 🔍 Powerful Image Loupe

If you have every joined one of my hangout recently, you will know that Bill Burden has been a huge fan of trying different image magnification stacks out there for his constantly improving stamp collection website. Well, last month Wolf Ademeit (amazing photographer + web designer) and Bill were the last 2 people left on the hangout with me. We brainstormed on what both would like to have in the ideal loupe stack.

Side Note: It’s been really fun watching Bill’s site improve over past past 18 months. Keep up the good work Bill.

I looked up a few existing libraries online and figured it would take me a few hours to get something working. Nothing I found online was good enough. I continued to work over 40 hours over the next 2.5 days. Four weeks later, Magnifico has turned into the best loupe tool on the internet.

Magnifico Features

  • 4 different interaction modes
    • Drag Mode - click and drag the loupe
    • Follow Mode - loupe follows your mouse
    • Fill Mode - Loupe fills the entire container
    • Static Mode - Loupe is static to accent a part of an image
  • Warehouse Images
  • Total CMS integration
  • Touch friendly
  • Magnifico swatch lets you create loupes for multiple images with one central stack
  • Flexibility to define 1 or 2 separate images
  • Check out the product page for more…

Magnify Image upgrade discount

Magnifico is going to replace my old Magnify Image stack. While it’s a completely new product, I am offering an upgrade discount to all Magnify Image users. Simply purchase the upgrade with the same email that you purchased the Magnify Image stack with. If you are not sure what email you might have used, you can use my order lookup tool on my support page.

Save 50% with Where is Weaver’s Space?!

I made a Where is Weaver's Space? game in the Loupe Control demo of Magnifico. The first 10 people to properly count the number of WS logos will get 50% off Magnifico. Send an email to our support email. You are allowed 2 entires so count carefully.


Really nice looking stack, appears to be very useful. If you haven’t tried it, take a look at Joe’s “where’s the logo” link … very inventive way for a developer to interactively demonstrate some of the capabilities of the stack. Well done.

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