Alternate to Loupe and Zoomy stacks?

I have a site where I want the user to be able to zoom in on part of an image. @Doobox has a loupe stack that does what I want, but it has a bug that causes my page to load funny. I’ve contacted them several times about this with no response, so need to move on. S4S Zoomy works well, but I prefer the UI of a magnifying glass, rather than filling the viewport with a zoomed image. I’ve searched for alternatives without success, but maybe I missed something. Anyone know of an alternative to these options?

Thanks, Gregory

Take a look at this: Magnify Image Stack for RapidWeaver
I hope this is what you need.
Joe workman’s stack are my fabs. Still haven’t played with this one, but I feel to recommend it!:v:

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I have a new one coming out very soon. Maybe next week…

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I can wait a week, I guess. Looking forward to seeing it. Hoping it has the style of zoom viewport I am looking for.

You can have a sneak peak of it here…

Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


Great! Exactly what I want. But you made the mistake of asking for feedback, so here goes:

  1. It would be nice for one of your settings options to allow the loupe to follow a hover mouse instead of only drag. It threw me for a half second that it appeared on hover (nice discoverability), but then required a drag to move. That is totally usable for my purpose, but if you had a “move with hover” option, I would probably choose that one for my site.

  2. I care about how the images are selected and sized, which I can’t tell from the sandbox. I would prefer the zoomed image to be 100%, and user-defined size of <100% for the base image. Whether the stack resizes the single image down for the base image or asks me to upload a smaller version, I don’t care. But what I don’t want is for the base image to be stuck at 100%, and zoom gets set at some value >100%, as I would worry about quality.

  3. I know it’s not ready yet, so this may be known, but when I dragged the loupe from one image to the next without letting go of the mouse button, I triggered the following bug:

Thanks! Instant buy!

The sign example does exactly that.

The full resolution image will never be scaled larger than it’s native dimensions.

You cannot drag the loupe across images. that will not be a feature. That particular instance has auto hide disabled so it stays there.

As you can see there are external controls from your own buttons. There are also a few other controls…

  • Double Click to show/hide
  • L/R arrows to grow loupe
  • U/D arrows to zoom in/out

Perfect! Waiting for that new stack announcement!

Thanks, Gregory

The stack is 100% done now. I spent an extra week on it adding some features that I was going to add after launch. Figured getting all of my plans done up front would make for a better launch. I just have demo and videos to make.


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