Zoomy - an updated FREE stack for image magnifications

Freshly updated and re-released, Zoomy from RWExtras is a simple stack that makes it possible to add attractive magnification effects to images. Magnification can happen on mouseover, grab or click. Plus there are a couple of other settings built-in to change aspects like the zoom amount, animation speed and mouse cursor.

Zoomy is happy to work either either images you drag and drop into RapidWeaver or images stored in a warehouse location. Compatibility is offered with all major web browsers. This stack is responsive.

Formally the ‘Image Zoom’ stack, Zoomy has been rebuilt around a new codebase and had some Stacks 3 goodness added to it. The price has been reduced from $4.95 to free! If you require support or find this stack useful, please make a contribution.


Will, thanks for the stack, but I do not understand how to make the picture on the page was smaller than the original size, and increased when hovering?

Simply provide a large image which ordinarily would need to be scaled down to fit on the page. Load this large image into the stack. Preview the page. You should see it magnify on mouseover, like my demo does on desktop.

A very simple stack that doesn’t really warrant any explanation or detailed instructions. It works perfectly for myself and other people. If it still doesn’t work for you, then there is something wrong with your setup and you should purchase a support ticket from my website and make contact via email.