Google Maps (Changes are afoot)

Hi Guys,

This is to address the issues some of you may already have seen appear with your Google maps, and specifically Map 2 stack.

The powers that be have been changing their api’s again. This time it’s Google with their Google Maps.

Until yesterday, we could access Google maps javascript api to get your maps with out any authentication (api keys).
Yesterday they changed that, and access to the maps now requires a per domain user api key.

Before we all panic. There is a temporary exception in place.
Google have made it so until the end of the year, and website that has previously ran a Google map using the version 3 api (Map 2 stack does), will be granted access to the maps without a key.
So all your existing deployments of the map will continue to function as normal in the interim.
They will however not display as normal within RW preview, as RW preview for all intents and purposes is seen by Google as a new domain.
They will still work as expected when you re-publish any pages containing a map in the interim though.

So with the immediate panic out of the way, what are we going to do about it.

Well, from our end it’s pretty straightforward. We will be issuing an update to the stack, that will include one extra input field in the settings, for you to add your own Google maps api key for the domain.

The extra work has been placed with you guys I am afraid.
You will need to log into Google to obtain an api key for any new website you want to deploy a map in.


I have created a step by step to get your map API keys on the Map 2 stacks demo page inside the FAQ section :


Hi, will your Map 1 stack (Doo A Map) continue to work as normal? I know it’s quite different from the Map 2 stack but was wondering if these api changes will affect it?

@Jamie1 Yes, The old Map stack used the old version 2 of the Google maps api, and that will have ceased to work everywhere yesterday, without any of the granted exceptions that apply to maps previously created with version 3 of Googles api like Map 2 stack.

I think @Jamie1 was asking was will there be an update to the Doo a Map stack as well please?

Thanks Gary. That’s thoughtful and timely. Map 2 is one of the best stacks around and it’s good to know that we’ll able to continue using it - even with the extra step.


I just pushed out this critical fix update for Map 2 stack (check for updates now). Also I have created a step by step to get your map API keys on the Map 2 stacks demo page inside the FAQ section :

Any questions, just shout.

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I have used Doo a Map on a site. Does this mean I have to buy Map 2 stack?

For those questioning dooAMap stacks future. We retired this stack way way back mid 2013, when we moved to a new map stack using Googles then new version 3 api. dooAMap will not be getting updated to work with the new Google changes that took effect a couple of days ago. Where do we draw the line? I think somewhere in between now and 3 years ago.

NOTE: Your deployments of Doo a Map stack, will continue to work until the end of the year, when Google finally pulls the plug on existing keyless map deployments. Only new deployments are affected “today”.

Do you or did you ever offer an upgrade to Map2?

Because of the circumstances surrounding Google maps at the moment (out of our control), I have just reactivated the old early bird discount we gave on the Map 2 stack.

You can use the cart code = ebmap2

This will remain active until the end of this month :

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Just purchased but didn’t see this in time.

I have both the Doo A Map stack and the Map 2 stack. The reason I still use the Doo A Map stack on one website is because it offers a Satelite type view which as far as I’m aware the Map 2 stack doesn’t.

I can see the Map 2 stack can do more than the old Doo A Map stack in many ways but the lack of a Satelite view means I can’t use it. Are there any plans to incorporate a Satelite view in the future or perhaps in a future Map 3 stack?

Maybe. But with all the support these Google changes are generating at the moment, I can’t think about changing this at the moment. I will revisit this when things calm down some.

I wish for this mess with Google a stack for OpenStreetMap!


I tried to get an API Key and this is the message I get:

“You don’t have permission to create an API key”

Any ideas?

@neilcovert : It seems that some people have seen this message when they have other projects with outstanding issues that need attention. (Some action taken before permission is restored).