New PADDYCurve stack available

(Gary) #1

New PADDYCurve stack is available now as part of the PADDY stacks suite included with our Projects & Templates or for purchase.

PADDYCurve creates curved dividers or sections than can be used to add a curve between page elements. Normally these would be used to split a page from edge to edge but they can also be added to any page element and will always fill the width available.

Curves can be adjusted in curve amount and can be inverted and also a shadow can be added. The colour under the curve and background colour can also be set to match any solid colour.

PADDYCurve can be see in action at

(robertreinink) #2

Hi Gary, is PADDYcurve an auto update/ad on when one has recently bought any template and/or Theme?

(Gary) #3

Hi Rob, Just email me or DM and I will send you a copy.

(robertreinink) #4

Love that! Thanx Gary

(Gary) #5

Sent. Enjoy the new PADDCurve stack.