New PADDYZig stack

There is a new PADDYZig stack added to the PADDYstacks. PADDYZig creates simple to use dividers that can be used to draw attention to stuff such as news, promotions or highlights or can be used a page wide dividers between sections of content. It brings a new creative element to RapidWeaver designs alongside the PADDYCurve stack that creates curved dividers.

PADDYZig details


Nice addition for the stack set!

How to get a hold of this stack?
By a renewed download of one of the templates or projects?

I will PM you…

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I, too, would like to know how I can get this stack. I already have the PADDY stacks suite. Cheers

PM sent …

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Likewise I’d like to get the update please.

me too, thanks a lot !

Why not everyone that purchased?

I’m currently trying to figure out a better way to update all the who purchased the Templates & Projects which of course include the PADDYstacks, but that is more challenging that it should be in the Paddle system. What started out as a couple of stacks to fulfil some missing functionality has grown and grown beyond what was originally envisaged and is now 17 stacks.

Direct PADDY purchasers can log into Paddle and download the latest updated version.

Anyone who has purchased any Template or any Project can contact via email or PM me directly for the latest PADDYstacks. I’m working my way through those as quickly as I can.


@webdeer I’ve downloaded in Paddle 3 Projects/Templates and there is no problem with any of these giving the original set of “Irish Gentlemen” Cant you just stuff the new one(s) in the Paddle paddy folder?

My aim is to link the PADDYStack download to each of the 19 Templates & Projects instead of having to upload 19 recompressed new downloadable files. Still working on that.

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I would like this stack as well. I purchased the Project 10

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