New Webdeersign Template 3 available

Announcing our latest RapidWeaver Template number 3 - “The Grid”. This is a multi page “Edge to Edge” Template with a main single long page that acts as navigation to 4 sub pages. The core of Template 3 is the super configurable and easy to use grid that is like no other RapidWeaver grid. Using our specially developed PADDY stacks, the grid can have 2, 3, 4 ,5 ,6, 7, 9 or even 11 evenly sized columns and each row can have different numbers of columns. The point at which each grid element collapses is completely adjustable and even the column widths are adjustable. The “Grid” layout is ideal to provide blocks of navigation to product, services or portfolio pages or sub-pages. Another significant advantage of this layout is that it scales well as your portfolio grows and extra grid components can be added in with ease.

Based around the amazing BWD SectionsPro, the content within each grid element is centred and can also animate and transform in multiple layers. The Template is essentially a long single page site with 3 additional pages to show how information could be displayed. In addition there is a Font and text page that shows many of the possible text configurations as well as the best selection of Google Fonts.

To use the Template all that is needed is Stacks3, a free blank theme and some free (donation ware) stacks. Our PADDY stacks suite has been increased with new functions and 2 new stacks bringing the total to 11 stacks in the suite. Of course the Template is RW6 and RW7 ready.

All images, icons, backgrounds, etc., are packaged as a warehouse folder and the Template contains full documentation to make the Template as easy as possible for new Stacks users wishing to make the jump from themes. The Template is also perfect to be used within Foundation.

Enter the coupon code PADDY to receive a 20% discount at checkout.

Explore the Demo at


The grids look great, can I move the grids around or I’m I locked in to the layout you created? For example I want to create a new layout, use the first example grid with the actors in bw first then add a text stack and then use the second grid example and continue building the site.

I’ll only speak for @webdeer while he’s sleeping across the pond but these templates are meant to be very flexible. I don’t have this particular one yet but I can say that from his first template I bought, that he has a TON of flexibility and there is no shortage of mixing and matching.

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Yes, as Jason kindly pointed out, they are completely flexible. The Templates are not a fixed rigid structure like a conventional theme, at all. They are 100% freeform and anything goes wherever you want in whatever order you want.
You could create a 100% full screen of grid images with any number of columns and any number of rows.

Your example is complete possible and would just need copying and pasting to your new project. Then select your grid structure, add your images to the grid and text and you are done. It would all be just copying and pasting.

Just added a video introduction at