New Portal Stack - Server Side Partials

You may have seen portal as it snuck onto the site last week. Its taken me longer to get the videos edited than I planned (I guess that is why we don’t release during the holidays).

Portal allows you to import Stacks pages into each other. What makes Portal different from partials is that all of this magic happens on the server. This can potentially reduce publishing times drastically when leveraging portal content across your entire site.


Joe: Nice video! I’m still trying to understand the big picture. If I understand things correctly I need to make a Portal In page for each discrete bit of stuff I want to Portal “out” at other page locations. Thus one page for my portal footer, another for a portal header, another for a portal sidebar, and so on.

Is that correct?

(If it is correct, then I understand the process perfectly well.)

You are exactly correct @Mathew!

I’m using Agent for a bilingual site, how would this work with Portal - bilingual menu and footer

There are a few ways that you could attempt to approach this. I would use Agent to conditionally load specific Portal Out stacks.

Just had my first support ticket for Portal and discovered some very interesting behaviors. The folder path for the Portal In page should be fully qualified. Example: /portal-in instead of just portal-in. Hopefully this makes sense. I need to take some time on how or if I can even fix this.

This is another game changer for RW, great job!!!

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So, does this work with the Foundry theme and stacks? Like Foundation, it requires the Foundry stack for all of the styling and function of the Foundry stacks.

Portal should work fine with any theme.

Portal v1.1.0

I just released the first minor update to Portal. This will fix importing multiple pages as well as Foundation libs will now load for Portal In pages in Edit and Preview.

Please make sure that you update both the theme and the stacks. A lot has changed.

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