Portal Stack - Top Bar Menu cannot leave portal stack border

Can anyone please confirm this? If I use the Portal Stack from @joeworkman for my Top Bar (Foundation stack) menu on a site, the pulldown menu gets cut off at the border of the portal stack. Is this a works-as-intended or an error on my side?

Why use Portal to bring it in? Why not use Top Bar in a partial??

Also, Joe is at a conference for a few days, so he might not get back to you right away.

No Problem. It isn’t a time critical thing. Just testing. Currently, I have two partials on every page. One header- and one footer-partial. Every time I add a page, or remove one, the whole page gets republished. In other words,… 30min Hammer-Time.
When I could put the Top Bar into a portal-stack, I thought I could prevent that to happen every time. So, I was testing that. But it seems the portal stack keeps everything inside a portal frame or something. It would be really great to shorten the upload time; I would not miss the extended coffee breaks, really. Well, like I said, just testing and playing around. It is not a time critical project. If Joe has some time after the conference, it would be nice to take a look, but please no stress.

Thanks a lot


Adding or removing pages can cause a lot to be republished due to navigation changes.

Yes, but if the Top Bar Navigation is on a separate page, a portal page, only that page must be republished. That was the idea behind it. But it isn‘t as easy as thought. The Portal-stack seems to be a brilliant solution for that. I hope it can work that way. Still testing in the meantime and later see what Joe can tell about that problem, when he is back. Currently, I am only playing around with the stack.


RapidWeaver does not know about Portal and how it works. It sees that you added/removed a page and traditionally, that means that you need to republish all files. The solution here is to not listen to RapidWeaver in terms of what it thinks needs to be published. If you know that you only need to publish the Top Bar page that contains portal, simply right click on that page and publish just that page.

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