Addons - I'm very disappointed

What the heck has happened to Addons page - normally I find addons here
Now I’m directed to here
There’s no Search and it looks like webpage isn’t finished , some links are “dead” and groups of stacks has no stacks to show (SEO essentials)
You can assign a membership - WHAT???
Totally disappointed

This thread should help you out:

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Main complain - I really miss Search function, which is quite essential. Especially now when I was looking for at function to lazy load a image, called Loading. A feature that Google is very fund off.
In previous version there was a list of categories to the right to choose among - nice
Collections - hmm - not quite a collection, but more 4-5 stacks to show, if any
I was very happy before this Beta, so why just change it without any warning, at least you could have kept the “old” and if I would like to test Beta, then make a link to Beta - like a A/B test.
All that said I’m still a big fan of RapidWeaver - but this - hmm a bit disappointed. Still wish you a nice Weekend :slightly_smiling_face:

You should post in the other thread as that is where feedback was requested by the developers. I have no control over anything you’re replying to me about as I am not the developer.

Okay I’ll post it there

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