New Stack: MultiLayer Stack

I’ve been wanting to do this Stack for a long time and finally found the time.

Introducing: The MultiLayer Stack

1-6 layers with an option to add a smooth animation on four of the layers.

Layer all kind of different stacks.

Text, logo, image, buttons, movies, slideshows on top of text, logo, image, buttons or movies. One layer that centers the content within the frame and 4 other layers you can position anywhere within the Stack + a background image and/or stack.

It’s pretty cool. You can watch it in action here and as usual there’s an intro discount:


Layered elements can be a little hard to work with, but to make it easier the MultiLayer Stack allows you to work with the content below the Stack - but with an option (settings) to layer all the content. The MultiLayer Stack also introduces a ‘Fast Picker’ option – option to ‘fast add’ default stacks.

In the example above the four buttons will position on top of a video – one in each of the four corners, and in the middle the ‘graphic text’: Stack Intro.

The video-stack used is the free HiTuber Stack (can be downloades free on

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Instant purchase…

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Yep. Me too. (And also wanted to get away from 1313 stacks loading… now it is 1314 :grinning:)

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