New Stack: SlideZ Stack (& Easy Columns Stack)

First new stack in a year – it’s been cooking for some time.

In short:
Slideshow. Up to 10 images. Layer up to 4 other Stacks on top (left, right, top, button, center) with a nice fade or slide-in.

Create a simple slideshow. That was the original idea.
Create an advanced slide-fade-zoom-skew slideshow. Second idea.

It’s all about whistles and bells – catch attention from visitors – make them stay a little longer.

Bundled with the EasyColumn Stack and a RW demo-file. Intro: 25%.

DeFliGra | Stacks Dev


SlideZ goes 1.0.1 with a new nice feature: Overlay Image. This feature combined with the EasyColumns Stack (part of the bundle) allows you to build ‘section’ banners / headers with either still images og sliding images – or both.

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And – probably – the last update this week to the LayerZ Stack.

Option to define the overlay images as a fixed background attachment + change images when viewed on mobiles.

See – when you define add the background attachment fixed to an image – it looks really cool on computers (like the coffee example above – or on (bottom of page) – but on mobiles it simply doesn’t work. So – the solution… change images on mobiles. This is the new feature added to the LayerZ Stack.

The easy column Stack – bundled with the SlideZ Stack – does a nice job on it’s own. Add images – choose ‘round images’ and you got your self a nice profile page with just a few clicks, drags & drops.

Nice to be back :slight_smile:

Best, DeFligra
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