New Stack - SS3 - A Lightweight Slideshow

There are numerous slider stacks already on the market for RapidWeaver. So we decided to take a different approach in developing a new slideshow stack that purposefully has a bare-minimum of settings.

The completed seyDesign Super-Simple-Slider (also commonly abbreviated to SS3) is fast and easy to setup. Perfect for novice RapidWeaver users or anyone who just wants a quick and simple slider that will work just about anywhere!

As you can see, the editing interface of SS3 just comprises of about two-dozen customisable settings:

You can add any number of slides; with the ability to easily drag-and-drop slides into different ordering. Images, styled text, Markdown, HTML code, columns, lists and other basic content types are all supported. SS3 scales responsively to fit any screen size. SS3 can be placed within your Stacks page, or your can embed it directly into a theme FreeStyle banner (pictured below) or ExtraContent container without requiring any additional stacks:

Special introductory pricing is available until this Wednesday, as part of the seyDesign September Spectacular. So if you’re quick, you can grab a copy of SS3 at $5.97, instead of $9.95 USD. SS3 is a free complimentary stack for ThemeFlood and seyDesign theme users; another great benefit of using our themes. SS3 requires Stacks 3.0 or higher.

Learn more about SS3 here…