Slideshow to replace Weaverpix

Hi Y’all! I have to rebuild parts of my site since I can’t get Weaverpix to work on my new computer. Running the latest RW. I purchased a few gallery stacks already but don’t think either offers a slideshow option.
Just need one for my homepage.

Maybe something here appeals to you:

Thank you! looks interesting! Trying to find the documentation and options. Needs to finger swipe on mobile, hide captions, etc.

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The demo project uses a lot of themes on different pages.

Gallery Stack is working with all available themes.

Sorry, I am not able to debug your website via screenshots. A not working preview is most probably caused by a JavaScript error in another stack.

Please publish your page and send me the link via email:

Thanks- will do.
I have Camera working but by images are cropped to square. Will send. Thank you

Nick Cates’ Superflex will also do that layout. As will Refined Slider from Stacks4Stacks.

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Thank you so much, Rob! i was looking at Superflex and will investigate the other!

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