New Theme by Rapid Ideas: Especially for Large Sites

Today we released our newest theme Struct.
I can’t count how many users asked me during the last year what theme I could recommend for large sites. They were looking for something that is easy to use for visitors and supports a huge amount of pages with more than just 2 levels. So I developed this theme for this purpose. But of course, it doesn’t need to be a large site to use Struct. It just means we now have a solution for that.

The main features in short:

  • Struct is a RapidWeaver 7 Theme and takes advantage of the new Banner Image option. A RW6 theme is also included.
  • It has a beautiful, professional navigation menu with a lot of room for a large amount of pages and subpages.
  • Fluid and Responsive Layout with max-width options.
  • Colors, colors, colors: 24 of them for all parts of the layout.
  • A special well structured menu for small screens
  • Font Awesome included for adding icons.
  • Drag and Drop any media (audio, video) in your RW page and let the theme create a HTML5 media player automatically.
  • Based on the kube framework which adds many options to design the content.
  • Social Buttons in the footer
  • Lightbox included (+ automatically rendered for photo album pages)
  • CSS3 font-face feature including 20 astonishing fonts that work cross browser. Choose from them independently for the titles and the main text.
  • Very subtle CSS3 Animations at many spots

Preview the theme here:
And of course buy it from here if you like it :wink:


:+1: for being responsive to the community. The menu looks great!

Right from the start in 2005 I always tried to listen to my customers and think about what is missing when I develop a new product.