Edit Google spreadsheet in RW

Is there a stack that can display a google spreadsheet in Rapidweaver and that allows me to edit the spreadsheet from within the stack once the site is published ?

This stack takes data from a Google spreadsheet - http://joeworkman.net/rapidweaver/stacks/power-grid-csv/

Not sure what you mean by the end of your sentence though, I’m afraid.


I know this stack. I’m looking for a stack that does 2 things :

  1. Import data from a google sheet
  2. Let me put new data in the sheet, but from the site where I use the stack so I do not have to go to the google sheet itself.

Don’t know of a stack that does that I’m afraid. There might be some Total CMS thingummy that would work but you’d need someone more experienced with it than I to pitch in.


Perhaps this might be of some help: http://karl.kranich.org/2015/04/16/google-sheets-api-php/

You can take the data with Power Grid csv and can write new data (but not modify existing) with FormLoom3


Grid Iron can also allow you to embed your google spreadsheet within RapidWeaver. The ability to edit, however, would require you to log into googles website. This is for security so that no one edits the document without proper authorization.


@goinup : I use your grid Iron stack. I understand the security argument but I would use it at a "members only"part of the site. So they have to log in first before they see the spreadsheet.

I’ll use the suggestion of @peppermint, that would work for me.

@Bartje gotcha. Yea, I’ve done a custom stack for a user using a local database. The google requirement makes this significantly harder. The custom stack basically gave the user the ability to display and edit database in their local MySQL database. They use it to save/log client interactions for their team.

sounds interesting. Is that stack available ?

No it was a custom stack built for a client. Sorry. If you’re interested in something custom, please feel to reach out to me directly. Happy to discuss it with you.

When use an iframe you can edit the google spreadsheet.

Hi robbeattie,

I am using Joe Workman’s power grid. I created a table in google spread sheets that has 13 columns. The first column has a list of names going down. The other twelve columns are months from Jan to Dec. Every thing works well, the table shows up nicely on preview except the last column. The header cell with Dec shows up but not the other cells in the column. However if i add an extra column to the google spread sheets after the Dec column, on preview in RW the Dec column shows up nicely but the same thing happens with the column i added. Just the header cell shows in preview.
Do you have any ideas why this may be happening
I added a caption of my table to the link below.

Pierre Soudatt
Thanks for your indigence

I think @joeworkman is best placed to help here.

Blank cells at the end of a row don’t always translate well. Its probably Google not creating the CSV file properly to take that into account. The only really solution to this is to put some sort of content into those cells. Or manage the CSV file on your own.